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Michael “Shungunna” Resurreccion is a business strategist, marketing consultant, and advisor to multi-millionaires and influencers growing their brands and business ventures.

He specializes in personal branding, leadership development, and business scale. He offers consulting services with a focus on marketing, sales, and operations.

Beyond his daily work hours, Michael is mission-driven to be a catalyst for positive change in humanity.

From early childhood, his parents shared with him “The 5 Rules of Life,” which consisted of the following five phrases:

“Be Good, Be Healthy, Work Hard, Get Along, and Do Something Good With Your Life.”

While he understood the first four rules, the fifth rule remained a mystery until the idea of building the 8th Wonder of the World was born.

Michael is also one of the co-founders of a non-profit organization known as The Love Tower at Ashah and serves as the Executive Director.

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