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Michael Resurreccion is an entrepreneur, former competitive martial artist, bboy, and family man who specializes in personal branding, leadership development, and business scaling.

He provides social media marketing strategies, private consulting, and business coaching to help entrepreneurs build their brands online. With over a decade of experience, Michael has worked with small local businesses, social media influencers, and seasoned entrepreneurs, providing them with clarity, direction, and speed to achieve their goals.

Beyond his daily work hours, Michael is mission-driven to be a catalyst for positive change in humanity. From early childhood, his parents shared with him “The 5 Rules of Life,” which consisted of the following five phrases: “Be Good, Be Healthy, Work Hard, Get Along, and Do Something Good With Your Life.” While he understood the first four rules, the fifth rule remained a mystery until the idea of building the 8th Wonder of the World was born.

Michael is also one of the co-founders and serves as the Executive Director of The Love Tower at Ashah.


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