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  • I scale businesses through strategic social media marketing content campaigns, enhancing brand awareness, driving revenue growth, and establishing a foundation for lasting success.

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What You Get: We will help you strategize a tangible marketing game plan with specific HOW-TO solutions in order to help you move the marketing needle forward in your business.

The Methodology: We use a 3-Step Process to help you gain clarity, direction, and speed. Each step serves as our deliverables because our service is designed to achieve immediate results.

Step 1 (#clarity): We will help identify business roadblocks by asking you specific questions about your current situation and review any other issues that are on your mind.

Step 2 (#direction): After identifying business roadblocks, we will share specific (to your situation) HOW-TO solutions (such as step-by-step instructions, strategies, resources, or frameworks when applicable) to breakthrough those blocks.

Step 3 (#speed): At this time on our call, you would now have the solution(s) to resolve your business roadblocks and would be able to move the needle forward in your business.

Why Us: Resurreccion Media is a social media marketing consulting agency focused on helping entrepreneurs and business owners achieve local celebrity status to future-proof their business. Our customized solutions are designed to help your brand stand out in the market, drive revenue growth, and establish a strong foundation for sustained success.

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Half-Day Consult

One-time fee, paid up-front.
$ 10,000
One-Time Fee
  • 4 hour consultation
  • Specific Strategy Session For Achieving Local Celebrity Status
  • Personalized feedback, marketing strategies, and action plans
  • If you don't know what you need, we will help you figure it out
  • Potential networking opportunities within our private network

Michael “Shungunna” Resurreccion is a business strategist, marketing consultant, and family man.

As a consultant, he helps scale businesses through strategic social media marketing, enhancing brand awareness, driving revenue growth, and establishing a foundation for lasting success.

Beyond his daily work hours, Michael dedicates himself to catalyzing positive change within humanity. He serves as the Executive Director of The Love Tower at Ashah, channeling his passion and commitment toward creating a meaningful impact.

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