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I’m an entrepreneur, co-founder of a non-profit and family man.

I specialize in personal branding, leadership development and business scale.

I’m currently working on scaling multiple business ventures while raising a family.

Social media influencers named me “The Networking King” because of my ability to seamlessly connect and monetize relationships with people in positions of ‘high status’ such as wealth, fame or dream lifestyle.

I’ve also been called “The Text Closer” for my sales ability to close 4-figure deals via 1-2 texts MAX – no phone or zoom calls made.

I achieved this by creating a highly strategic, nearly automated custom and specific script that was basically copy + paste for an online business coaching offer which resulted in making (the entrepreneur who hired me) hundreds of thousands of dollars, in less time than an average 45-minute sales call. It would take me less than 15 seconds per text…

(This was in 2018 – the strategy would probably work better now thanks to how normal it is to buy offers from personal brands on social media.)

I would have continued working with them but there were two big problems I could not ignore.

1) They were not sending enough leads my way, which meant less money to make.
2) They did not want to solve the traffic problem they had, which meant more leads would not be generated – and in fact, diminish.

So I quit.

With no backup plan, I created a consulting service with a friend and we closed $12,000 worth of deals within 2 weeks of leaving that job.

The picture of me on the Amtrak is where we met one of our first clients for that consulting business – by networking.

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Podcast/Media/Exhibition Appearances


Shout out @nojobgreg, I appreciate your energy.

“This past week we had the opportunity to get Shun Gunna on the podcast after some business meetings in los angeles and I’m telling you the knowledge, wisdom, and experience from Shun’s consulting career is non-stop! His stories about business management and what him and his brother was able to do for the Tai Lopez brand is nothing short than exceptional and here at No Job HQ we are taking everyday to apply more and more tactics that Shun dropped on us with his long overdue visit! Get your pen, paper, or voice memo’s out for this one because even Shun’s early life experience provide knowledge for the younger generations looking to reach the 6/7 figure status by understanding leadership development and building their own personal brands or providing value to those already in process of their entrepreneurship journey.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Shungunna is an entrepreneur, non-profit co-founder and family man. He offers private consulting to multi-million dollar clientele & influencers. He shares his thoughts in the areas of marketing, sales and operations with experience helping business ventures in different industries.

He has consistently helped business owners scale their brand and business.

He is currently focused on scaling multiple business ventures while raising a family.

He specializes in personal branding, leadership development and business scale. He draws his knowledge both from personal and professional experience serving as Head of Support for a widely recognized brand in the online space – which he was directly involved with from it’s infancy to near global recognition.

Entrepreneurs and business owners who need help with starting and scaling their brand.

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