One Pager Productivity Workbook

One Pager Productivity Workbook

Attention: Are you a busy entrepreneur who wants to take back control of your life and work? This Productivity Workbook Guides You To Get More Done In Less Time. Get a digital workbook copy here: One Pager Productivity Workbook Guided Walkthrough

Time Management Strategies For Busy Entrepreneurs


Time Management Strategies For Busy Entrepreneurs Dominate every goal you set without wasting precious time, finite energy and resources. The One Pager Productivity Workbook comes equipped with practical tips from real world experience. The One Pager Productivity Workbook guides you through 9 Worksheets + 1 Bonus Worksheet (in step-by-step order) and will keep you accountable, motivated and focused on what matters most in your life. Reach Your […]

The Persuasion Run


Skyrocket your sales by getting proven sales training for business owners, entrepreneurs and content creators. Understand, refine and master the simple lessons on this post to skyrocket your business results. After 8 years of using sales and persuasion in the real world, a simple truth has been revealed to me. The skill of sales never […]



See my top recommendations to help you build a brand from start to finish. Plus bonus recommendations on improving your health, wealth, self-discipline, lifestyle and more. Don’t lose your time, energy and thousands of dollars testing different resources – I already did that. See specific tools that can help you build a personal brand from […]

The 5 Pillars of Massive Scale


The 5 Pillars Of Massive Scale (2023) Learn how to scale a business online using a unique framework developed specifically for a personal brand. After working as Head of Support for a multi-million dollar personality brand, one of many business lessons learned was how to scale a business online by using the power of frameworks. […]

How To Start Your Personal Brand


Business Strategist Shungunna shares how to start your personal brand with proven strategies from previous experience. If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner looking to scale your personal brand, reference the bottom of this page for higher level resources. The information shared in this blog post is specific to the basic 101 foundation of starting […]

9 Ways To Start Using Social Media To Grow Your Business Online


Using social media to grow your business is an essential skill to master in order to capture market share right now. Here are 9 ways to start using social media to grow your business online. As the world continues to move towards the digital experience, entrepreneurs and business owners who use the power of social […]