9 Ways To Start Using Social Media To Grow Your Business Online


Using social media to grow your business is an essential skill to master in order to capture market share right now. Here are 9 ways to start using social media to grow your business online.


As the world continues to move towards the digital experience, entrepreneurs and business owners who use the power of social media marketing are rewarded greatly.

Here are 9 ways to start using social media to grow your business online right now with Business Strategist Shungunna.

Using social media to market and grow your business online:

1. Be open minded and commit to learning new skills.

Learning something new always comes with one thing, a learning curve. Learning how to use social media is no different. It requires you to learn something new. Having an open mind and being committed to learning a new skill like how to use social media is the first step to marketing your business online.

2. Pick a social media platform that serves your business needs.

It’s important to pick a social media platform that will serve your business needs. One of my mentors said one of the worst things to happen to you is “getting good at doing the wrong thing.” If you pick a social media platform that does not serve your business, you’ll realize later down the road how such a small decision can make a big impact in the right or wrong way. Make sure to analyze your business needs and decide what social media platform will best serve you.

3. Create a 7 day marketing game plan.

Why 7 days? Because of consistency. If you can do one thing consistently for 7 days straight, you have a higher chance at establishing a solid pattern fast. Most entrepreneurs who try to do more than 7 days end of with little to no results due to lack of consistency. After coaching 100’s of entrepreneurs, the one major key to these entrepreneurs success is their consistency. If you can focus on one thing consistently, you’re already going to increase your chance of success. Just create your 7 day marketing game plan and take action for those 7 days. You’re welcome to let me know how it goes by emailing me at vip@shungunna.com.
There are many benefits to taking action on a 7 day game plan. It gets you into action mode. For some people, the hardest thing is just getting started. Don’t let that be you. Get started today.

4. You can’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Almost 99% of entrepreneurs I’ve helped have faced the fear of judgement from the opinions of others. I’m telling you right now, the opinions of others have almost nothing to do with the success of your business. And the only way to get over the fear of embarrassment or judgement of others is to face fear head on and put yourself out there. Sooner than later, you will build resilience and thick skin as you face fear head on.

5. Knowing your target audience is a major key to success in marketing your business online.

This is important because whatever product or service your business is offering determines who you ideally want to reach on social media. Get clarity with who you are trying to reach, then decide on how you want to market online.

6. What type of content should you post online?

Good question. Most entrepreneurs doing business online seem to get stuck here but there’s so many ways to be creative with social media. The best tip I can give (without going into custom details) is to explore the social media platform of your choice and then create. Take a look at the comments, take note of what people like and dislike. After doing your own research, start experimenting by creating your own content. The biggest takeaway is to get in the trenches and create.

7. Do you need expensive equipment to record content?

No. Forget about using fancy equipment, just start with what you already have – your phone. Your phone is hands down the most powerful tool you can use to grow your business online. You literally have a business accelerator in the palm of your hand. Get fancy later, start with the small steps and use your phone. From personal experience, I prefer to use what is simple over what is complicated any day.

8. Should you market on many platforms or a just a few?

The simple answer is you should be on as many as possible that give you a return on your investment. So all of them if you could. But in the beginning, it’s important to just start with a select few and get really good at being on the ones you choose. Once you start to scale, then you can incorporate a sustainable structure on how to get on more platforms to capture market share. Pick a few first and get results, then think about how to get more after.

9. How do you build a community of raving fans?

By sharing your vision. As you post content online, you will naturally build a community of followers who resonate with what you are sharing on social media. Every fan base you see on social media started with just one person, you. And then one became two, two become four and sooner than later those numbers compound into hundreds and thousands. A community is built one person at a time. You will build a community naturally in time. Just stay consistent, commit to your burning desire to succeed and never quit on your goals and dreams.
If you’ve implemented everything above, I expect you to see results.

Got a specific question?

Email me at vip@shungunna.com and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

Who is this blog post for?

Anyone new to using social media who is open to learning and growing their business and life. That includes:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Network Marketers
  • Aspiring Leaders
  • Influencers
Work Smart: If you wanna go faster, hire help. Highly successful people know the power of hiring a coach or learning from a mentor to help guide them towards the success they worked for. Work smarter while working hard.

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