The 5 Pillars of Massive Scale


The 5 Pillars Of Massive Scale (2023)

Learn how to scale a business online using a unique framework developed specifically for a personal brand.

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After working as Head of Support for a multi-million dollar personality brand, one of many business lessons learned was how to scale a business online by using the power of frameworks.

A framework is a mental model realized from tested ideas.

When you have an idea, the best way to see if your idea works is to run as many experiments as possible to get your desired result.

After getting the result you want, you can optimize and strategize the best method of improving your desired result which can be turned into a proven framework.

After working with several successful business owners, a common similarity noticed was the consistent use of frameworks.

This post is all about how to scale a business online using a unique framework built around a highly successful personal brand.

Introducing the 5 Pillars of Massive Scale

The goal of this unique framework is to help you increase revenue, decrease costs and expand your overall marketshare with proven strategies built around a personal brand.

The 5 Pillars of Massive Scale framework can be applied to any business endeavor because it was designed to serve as an evergreen and flexible mental model.

In simple words, this framework can be customized specifically to your business needs.

The challenge you will face after applying this framework is in knowing what your business needs are and how to successfully execute your ideas.

So three questions for you:

What are your business needs right now?

Do you know how to successfully execute your ideas?

Would you like to know how to scale a business online?

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The 5 Pillars of Massive Scale Framework by Shungunna

Pillar #1 – Foundation

You should aim to build on solid rocks and not sand.

The only thing worse than not making progress towards your goals is having to correct unnecessary mistakes.

Structuring out a solid foundation is essential to helping you avoid setbacks that could have been offset with wisdom.

Use the 5 Ws to identify what pieces you need to assemble in order to create a solid foundation.

In your business, what do you need?

Why do you need it?

Where do you need it?

Who would handle it?

When would it be needed?

There are countless variables to how you would position and leverage the 5 words in your business.

Each question can help you make progress towards creating a solid foundation that allows you to scale.

When reviewing your business foundation, what needs to be improved right now?

Pillar #2 – System

Save Yourself Some Time Energy & Money.

Imagine having full control over your time, energy and money.

It’s challenging unless you have a reliable system.

Developing a system can help you control your time, energy and money.

There are several ways to optimize your systems but in the beginning, it’s important to establish one that is future-proof.

The advised systems to create are developed through frameworks that can be passed down from person to person.

These frameworks should be custom and specific to your business needs alone.

Developing frameworks that are reliant on people will give you the advantage of future-proofing the systems you create.

After you establish solid systems, pairing with software becomes easier because your foundation is stronger and can withstand change.

Operating your business on a reliable system can help you maximize your results and set you up for potential automation.

What systems do you have in place and how can you improve today?

Pillar #3 – Automation

Work smarter, not harder.

It’s perfectly fine to work hard but make sure to work smart too.

When you create solid systems, the transition into automation is simplified.

The benefit of automation is simply getting more done in less time by streamlining systems.

This frees up your time to focus on what will give you a higher return in regards to whatever you want.

It’s that simple.

There are 2 main options to streamline systems.

Option 1 is hiring the right people.

Option 2 is using the right software.

The challenge in both is finding the right people and software to get the job done.

The solution?

Take action and test until you figure it out.

Learn from a mentor who has done it.

Hire consultants to get advice and perspective on your decisions.

Get feedback from your network and keep an open mind to improve your results.

There are many solutions, but the bottom line is to test to see what works best for you.

Pillar #4 – Scale

In truth, you can scale a business without the previous pillars – but I wouldn’t advise that.

I believe in operating off of a long-term thinking philosophy versus the short-term path.

Scaling a business without foundation, system and automation pillars typically runs the risk of suffering from having a weak moat and would typically come crashing down.

At least from what I’ve seen and experienced.

With that said, it’s important for a business to hit scale in order to create an impact the world values.

Achieving scale means increasing your revenue, decreasing costs and expanding your overall marketshare.

Whatever your mission is, working towards experiencing scale is a worthy accomplishment for any business owner.

When you’re in this phase, you will feel like a million things are happening at the same time.

You will experience the most growth here simply because you’re forced to learn faster than normal due to external and internal demands.

External demands meaning everything outside of your control.

Internal demands meaning everything inside of your mind.

Experiencing scale feels something like this…

A very exciting time.

You’ll just know.

So how do you achieve scale?

By having the previous three pillars aligned, ready to take on the pressure of growth.

Foundation wise, you and your team are unified as one unit to help your business grow.

System wise, you have little to no human friction and can input a new hire into the system and be successful.

Automation wise, you have a streamlined process that replaces your finite resources with ease.

Now you’re ready to scale because all of your focus, energy and resources can be directed towards increasing your marketshare.

There are many strategies on how to scale a business.

It just comes down to how good you and/or your team is, how the market reacts to what you’ve got for them and a burning desire to make it happen no matter what it takes.

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Pillar #5 – Expand

If you were the only business in the world, how much attention would you get?

Expanding your business can mean many things.

The framework I like to teach business owners is:

“Don’t compete, dominate.”

How do you do it?

By being the best your customer has ever had.

In order for your business to thrive, you should aim to become your customer’s best experience.

When you do that repeatedly at scale, you will penetrate status quo and become the go-to brand on a massive scale.

What’s one brand you are familiar with that reminds you of what I’m talking about?

Take a moment to think about the question above.

I’m sure you know at least one company who’s done it so that’s proof you know it’s possible.

So why not you?

Why not now?

If you’re looking to experience expansion in your business, hitting scale, streamlining your systems with automations and setting a solid foundation is essential to helping you achieve your goals.

Learning how to scale a business online requires these pillars and should be customized and specifically designed for your business needs.

Depending on how big your vision is, building a successful personal brand requires a lot of energy.

Learning is half of the battle.

Taking action is the other half.

You’ve got what it takes, now you’ve just gotta give it all that you’ve got.

To your success,


This post was all about how to scale a business online by using the 5 Pillars of Massive Scale.

The 5 Pillars of Massive Scale is a framework created by Shungunna and was designed based on his experience working in a company that dominates the online space by leveraging the power of personal branding.


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