See my top recommendations to help you build a brand from scratch.

Plus bonus recommendations on improving your health, wealth, time-management, lifestyle and more.

Don’t lose your time, energy and thousands of dollars testing different resources (like I did).

See specific tools that can help you build a personal brand from scratch today.

These recommendations would be ideal for the entrepreneur who wants to build a business on a part-time to full-time basis with longterm results in mind.

This post is all about the best recommendations to help you build a personal brand from scratch.

My Favorite Business Products

1. The Best Website Host To Start With – SiteGround

I use this right now. Click to check it out now.


Your website is a foundational component to building a business online. I’ve tested many different platforms over the years but never gave SiteGround a chance. After thoroughly testing SiteGround, I regret not taking a serious look at it before.

2. The 24/7 Sales Employee

The 24/7 sales employee is right here.

If you haven’t leveraged the power of selling online for your business, I recommend giving Podia a try. If you don’t know what this software is, click here to get all of the info you need to know. You can still build a business online without using software, but I wouldn’t recommend going without it. Leveraging this software helps you work smarter.

3. The CRM Tool You Need To Set Up Now, Not Later

Automate your efforts.

Please do your future self a favor and get this set up now. ActiveCampaign is hands down the best email marketing automation software business owners should start and finish with. Unless you’re developing your own software, ActiveCampaign would be the next best option. Build your email list for long-term business growth and stay in contact with your clientele. I consider this software a foundational part of your business that is essential for long-term sustainable growth.

My Favorite Time-Management Products

1. The One Pager Productivity Workbook

One Pager Productivity Workbook
Get more done in less time.

Do you want to take back control of your life and work? If so, the One Pager Productivity Workbook is for you! It’s designed for busy entrepreneurs who are looking to get more done in less time. The One Pager Productivity Workbook is an invaluable tool that every entrepreneur should have on hand at all times.

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