Time Management Strategies For Busy Entrepreneurs


Time Management Strategies For Busy Entrepreneurs

Dominate every goal you set without wasting precious time, finite energy and resources.

The One Pager Productivity Workbook comes equipped with practical tips from real world experience.

The One Pager Productivity Workbook guides you through 9 Worksheets + 1 Bonus Worksheet (in step-by-step order) and will keep you accountable, motivated and focused on what matters most in your life.

  • Reach Your Goals
  • Start or Grow Your Business
  • Improve Your Relationships
  • Get More Done
  • Save Time
  • Take Vacations
  • Finish What You Start
  • Learn New Skills
  • Live Your BEST Life
  • And Anything Else That Matters Most To You

This post is all about the best time management strategies for busy entrepreneurs.

Time Management Strategies For Busy Entrepreneurs


Get more done in less time.

Dear Busy Entrepreneur,

             I’ve created a timeless productivity workbook that will help you stay accountable to your goals. This new digital workbook is filled with simple practical techniques and proven tips that work when applied. You can learn how to focus your energy, save time and get more done by following the step-by-step instructions in this productivity workbook designed for high performing busy entrepreneurs like yourself.

Doing more isn’t always the right answer to getting things done. Sometimes doing less is what makes the difference between actually reaching your goals instead of only coming close. Your ability to focus and stay accountable to reaching your goals in life and business is determined by the actions you take.

With this productivity workbook in hand, I guarantee that you will get more done in less time. This is what I personally use to reach my goals and I know it can help you too! Upon completing the workbook provided for you today, you will get clear priorities that will guide all future decisions.

The One Pager Productivity Workbook is an invaluable tool that every busy entrepreneur should have on hand at all times. Don’t wait another day – start the workbook now!

To your success, love & happiness,

Stay focused and reach your goals faster!

Get your free digital copy here: Productivity Workbook

Here are 3 rules to follow for best results:

  1. Start the One Pager Productivity Workbook right now.
  2. Each One Pager has a call-to-action. Make sure to complete it.
  3. Reference the One Pager Productivity Workbook weekly to stay accountable to your goals.

PS. Just follow the 3 Rules and expect to see results! Some of the most successful people in the world had coaches that they listened to. Do I have your permission to be that coach for you? Perfect, let’s do this!

One Pager Productivity Workbook Worksheets

For best results, please work through the following worksheets in their numbered order.

  1. Tell It How It Is
  2. Your Vision
  3. The 3 Arrows For Success
  4. The Cross Off List
  5. Mapping Your Journey
  6. Scheduling Rewards
  7. Family Time
  8. The 30 Day Run Challenge
  9. Become A Learning Machine
  10. Bonus: Mad Scientist

Tell It How It Is

  • In order to improve your results, first acknowledge where you currently are.

Call To Action: What does your current situation look like?

Your Vision

  • In order to improve your results, know where you are going.

Call To Action: If failing was NOT an option, what does your future look like?

The 3 Arrows For Success

  • The 3 Arrows For Success is a mental model depicting a never ending cycle which repeats until you reach your desired goal.

Time Management Strategies For Busy Entrepreneurs


The 3 Arrows For Success


  1. Start with your desired goal.
  2. Identify the actions needed in order to reach your desired goal.
  3. Just estimate how much time it would take to complete each action on a daily basis.

Call To Action: Fill in your own diagram starting with a goal of your choice. Do this for every goal you have.

Time Management Strategies For Busy Entrepreneurs


Fill in the blanks.

The Cross Off List

  • Success loves speed. To advance faster, it’s essential to offset anything slowing you down.


Your new habit tracker.


  1. Schedule one day of THIS WEEK to start this exercise.
  2. On the day of your choice, simply write down everything you do for each hour of the day.
  3. At the end of the exercise, review what you did and identify what’s slowing you down from advancing faster.


4. Acknowledge what is slowing you down. Decide if you want to eliminate, replace or delegate that action with one that speeds you up or frees up your time.

Ps. Eliminating literally gives you time back.

Call To Action: Follow the instructions above and fill out your Cross Off List on the next worksheet. Do this exercise at least once a quarter.


Your new habit tracker.

Mapping Your Journey

  • Reference the 3 Arrows For Success mental model. Pick one goal and map out a simple journey to reference back to. Having a heightened sense of confidence and certainty is made possible when you have a knowing of where you want to go and the action steps to take.

Call To Action: Map out your action steps using the roadmap below.

  1. What’s your goal?
  2. What research do you need to do?
  3. How do you think you’ll get there?
  4. What action do you want to test?
  5. What actually happened after doing it?
  6. Repeat from #4 until you reach your goal.

Your ACTIONS will lead you to your GOALS.

Ps. Remember, time is determined by the actions your goal requires. Just focus on the actions.

Scheduling Rewards

  • Scheduling rewards means intentionally booking time off from the future.
  • This is important to do right away because you deserve to spoil yourself. Do you agree…? lol

But in all seriousness, you should have time for rest and recreation in life. Whatever rest and recreation means to you.

As a bonus, you can actually be recharged and find new inspiration to pursue your goals and dreams with more desire than ever before.

Call To Action: Open your calendar and schedule time off for rest and recreation.

This is IMPORTANT. Please schedule time off right away.

Family Time

I learned this too late and I truly regret it.

As a busy entrepreneur myself, I’ve pivoted from not spending time with family to spending time with family because above the goals and dreams you have is the limited time left to spend with your loved ones before they are gone.

If you haven’t already, please do your future self a favor and re-prioritize family time if you want to.

  • What’s one thing you will do differently?

Call To Action: Take a moment by yourself to do this. First, think and feel what family time means to you. Second, decide how you’re going to enjoy family time.

The 30 Day Run Challenge

  • The 30 Day Run Challenge = Every day for 30 days, you are intentionally moving one step closer to reaching your goals and dreams.

This means taking MASSIVE ACTION every single day without slowing down.

Being fearless and cultivating a knowing that you will succeed in your endeavors sooner than later.

  1. Choose a goal.
  2. Block 30 minutes daily to work for your goal.
  3. Do NOT miss a single 30 minute time block for 30 days straight.

Call To Action: ACCOUNTABILITY. Tell a motivated friend or post on social media about your 30 Day Run Challenge. It’s win or learn once you activate public accountability. Intimidating but worth it 100%.

Become A Learning Machine

Learning Machine = Mental Framework

Become a learning machine does not mean spend hours learning more and more.

It means learning and then APPLYING.

Letting your learning lead to ACTION.

Do not get stuck into the cycle of learning but not doing because it’s a recipe for failure.


Become a learning machine.

Call To Action: First, think of a time when you continuously pursued learning something but never put it into action. Second, take note of that experience and be mindful moving forward to let all learning lead to action.

Bonus: Mad Scientist

  • 12 Experiments for 12 Months

* Reference Mapping Your Journey worksheet.

Run 1 new experiment of your choice every month for 12 months straight.

Each experiment should aim to get you closer towards your overall vision for your life and business.

The purpose of this bonus worksheet is to push you towards experiencing the unknown.


  • Socially awkward? Go to a networking event.
  • Clumsy on your feet? Take a dance class.
  • Want to improve your health? Check out gut health.
  • Want to get in shape? Hire a trainer.
  • Want to speak on stage? Look for opportunity to sign up and show up.
  • List goes on.

Call To Action: Have FUN with each experiment you decide to explore, document for yourself on social media and let me know how it goes!

Closing Remarks

Dear VIP,

Thank you for picking up the One Pager Productivity Workbook. I believe that every investment made in yourself yields a positive return on what your future can be.

In order to live your BEST life, I’ve learned it is important for you to continuously TAKE ACTION towards your goals and dreams. Never quit despite the challenging times ahead or what other people may say.

You can live life on your own terms. You can realize your goals and dreams. You do have the power to live the life you want. It’s good to be different. It’s good to be an outlier. It’s good to take the road less traveled. Be the leader you are meant to be. Add your style and flavor to this world and be proud of what you’ve contributed.

If no one’s ever said this to you before, then I’ll say it. “I believe in you.” Now go out there and make it happen because you’ve got what it takes, now you’ve just gotta give it all that you’ve got!

To your success, love & happiness,


This post was all about the best time management strategies for busy entrepreneurs and business owners.

The strategies featured in the digital One Pager Productivity Workbook were designed by business strategist Shungunna. Through many years of trial and error, the biggest takeaway I’ve had is to let all learning lead to strategic action. When you focus on simply doing the work, it’s realistically possible to reach your goals.

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